What I would like to see in the future

As a design editor for the University of Nottingham’s IMPACT magazine, I was asked to write a collaborative piece on what I would like to see in the future.

As soon as I opened the blank word document, I felt the words just flowed easily. I clearly needed to express my thoughts on the topic!

I am passionate about social change and equality. After studying Philosophy of Sex in my last year of uni, I’ve contemplated issues such as consent, objectification and gender/sex discrimination.

I hope you enjoy my little rant! Here it goes…

What do I want to see in the future?

I want to see a world where sexism, discrimination and toxic masculinity is unimaginable. A world where women aren’t called “emotional” for expressing themselves and men can freely express emotion without having to “be a man”. A world without slut-shaming, rape myths and pussy-grabbing misogynists. A world that doesn’t value women by their weight, body image and sex appeal. A world with more positive female role models in the media and less skinny-shake promoters, who encourage body shame.


I want our daughters to feel happy, empowered and safe. To feel more than their bodies, weight or colour. To assess their worth by their accomplishments, success and compassion for others. To be able to decide what they do with their bodies. Not scared of being sexually harassed or degraded. Not be afraid of “pro-life” laws that prohibit women’s choice. Not accused of being too “bossy” for embracing leadership.

I want our sons to play with Barbies if they want to! To feel they can talk about their feelings and not hide them until it’s too late. To know that no means no. I want a future that is inclusive, equal and respectful, not held back by stereotypes.

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