My Top Tips For Veganuary

Awareness of veganism is at a record high. As a result, more people than ever are participating in Veganuary - a month of abstaining from animal products. Veganuary is driven by positive aims, such as improving health, tackling climate change and protecting animals. These ethical undertones distinguish it from a juice cleanse or Atkins diet. … Continue reading My Top Tips For Veganuary

Vegan Banana Bread

With winter in full swing, banana bread is so cosy and comforting. Infused with warming spices and flavours, it's perfect for those cold days. I've perfected this recipe and can tell you it is the BEST vegan banana bread ever! It's sweet, flavoursome and (dare I say) moist... In my opinion, banana bread should be … Continue reading Vegan Banana Bread

Tofu Satay

This is the creamiest, peanuty vegan satay recipe you'll find. The satay sauce is thick, rich and super satisfying. It's one of my favourites. Recipe notes: VeganGluten-freeHigh proteinTakes less than an hour Ingredients: Tofu (firm or press for 15 minutes)Onion2 peppersMushroomsGarlic3 tablespoons of oyster sauce, peanut butter, and soy sauce CornflourSesame oil Sesame seeds to … Continue reading Tofu Satay

Stuffed Aubergines

These stuffed aubergines are a sophisticated meal that anyone can make. They're filling, healthy and delicious. What's not to love? Recipe notes: VEGANGLUTEN-FREEHIGH PROTEINMAIN OR LIGHT MEALREADY IN 30 MINUTES Aubergines have a fantastic flavour and make a great alternative to stuffed peppers. Their boat-like shape means you can stuff them full of lentil goodness. … Continue reading Stuffed Aubergines

Why a plant-based diet is the most sustainable

We've all heard about greenhouse gasses, single-use plastic and pollution damaging our environment. But what about meat, eggs, dairy and fish? Cowspiracy exposed the environmental issues surrounding agriculture and fishing that have been hidden from us. It ended the silence forced upon environmental charities and activists by the government. They have been unable to reveal … Continue reading Why a plant-based diet is the most sustainable