Why a plant-based diet is the most sustainable

We've all heard about greenhouse gasses, single-use plastic and pollution damaging our environment. But what about meat, eggs, dairy and fish? Cowspiracy exposed the environmental issues surrounding agriculture and fishing that have been hidden from us. It ended the silence forced upon environmental charities and activists by the government. They have been unable to reveal … Continue reading Why a plant-based diet is the most sustainable


Wagamamas-style vegan ramen

If you're searching for a delicious, easy vegan ramen recipe then look no further! This ramen recipe made MISO happy, I just had to share it with you guys. I conjured up this Thai treat from the ingredients in my cupboard. So you won't need to scour the world food section for this dish. It's … Continue reading Wagamamas-style vegan ramen

15 things to do instead of scrolling

Can't stop scrolling? Here's some inspiration of things to do instead of being on your phone, with the added bonus of mindfulness techniques. 1. Read a book Reading is a beautiful habit to cultivate. It's remarkable how fictional worlds entice us into a completely unreal world, where facts and reality do not apply. The more … Continue reading 15 things to do instead of scrolling