15 things to do instead of scrolling

Can’t stop scrolling? Here’s some inspiration of things to do instead of being on your phone, with the added bonus of mindfulness techniques.

1. Read a book

Reading is a beautiful habit to cultivate. It’s remarkable how fictional worlds entice us into a completely unreal world, where facts and reality do not apply.

The more you read, the more you want to read. You begin to realise what you genres or authors you prefer. You learn to switch off from the outside world and become absorbed in the book.

I recommend Keith Forrest’s ‘The Spiritual Fruitcake‘, it’s a really down to earth guide to living a more spiritual life and to help cope with worry, stress and grief. He also shares the story of his spiritual journey and some personal insights about the universe, The Beatles and the myth of coincidences! Definitely worth a read.

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2. Write a journal

I’m not talking about journals where you write “dear diary, today my crush asked me out, omg.

A journal can be anything you want it to be; a blog, a mood diary or a messy notebook that only makes sense to you. Keeping a journal can be a reflective outlet to write down any thoughts, feelings and experiences. By putting it down it on paper, it detaches us from our thoughts or worries. My mum always says to write ‘to-do lists’, as writing them down means we don’t have to think about them.

3. Meditate

Meditation is a surefire way to practice mindfulness and calm your mind. There are loads of ways you can meditate. It can range from five minutes of deep breathing to an hour of guided meditation.

For some, meditation instantly relieves stress. Whereas, for others, it could be a gradual process to them cope with anxiety or depression. Meditation is not just an instant fix but can teach us to manage our thoughts and actually change our habits or perspective of life.

It can be difficult to meditate at first. Thinking is habit that meditation can break. It helps us let go of our addiction to thought.

I like listening to Youtube meditation videos before bed (instead of scrolling Instagram). These can be helpful for beginners, as it takes no effort as someone guides you through meditation.

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

4. Colour your life!

Grab your pens, pencils or paints and get creative. Colouring books are an easy way to practice mindfulness. If you’re super arty, use your own a sketch book.

5. Try another creative hobby

Pick up a musical instrument, sewing needle, gym class or DIY activity. You might find a you have a hidden talent!

When we’re being creative, we’re in the zone.

We become immersed in our activity, bringing us back to the present. We’re not thinking, worrying or stressing about anything else.

6. Cook

Find a new recipe and simply cook for the sake of cooking. If we’re starving and need a quick hunger-fix, we might see it as a means-to-an-end. However, cooking can be an enjoyable activity (although maybe not in Hell’s Kitchen). I find cooking takes my mind off other things and love experimenting with new recipes.

7. Get some nature

Sit in the garden, take a walk or go to a forrest. Admire the beauty of the natural universe, away from technology and the concrete jungle. You’ll instantly feel calmer and more in control of your thoughts. Nature is healing and it heightens our energy levels. I feel my batteries are recharged after spending time outdoors. It can be a solitary activity or a chance to spend quality time with a friend, family member or dog!

8. Practice spirituality

This could involve learning about the healing power of crystals, reiki or oracle cards. Set an intention to open yourself up to the spiritual dimension when you practice any spiritual activity. You will see results, whether it’s feeling more in touch with your higher self, intuition or healing past wounds.

Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

9. Listen to music

Music is a great mood-booster but can also speak to us in times of difficulty or depression.

As Keith Forrest says in The Spiritual Fruitcake, music can be a message from the divine and will often help us in different ways. Lyrics from musical geniuses like The Beatles often hold important tokens of advice for our spiritual journey in life. I particularly like ‘This is the day’ by The The, as it is about today being the best day of your life, guiding us to live in the present moment.

Songs that move us are indications of spiritual guidance and protection. Not only does music guide us, it is a mindfulness technique. Win win.

Try creating Spotify playlists for different moods or a car playlist with all your favourite songs. Listen to your favourite songs and expand your music taste to find new songs. Mindfully listen to the lyrics and the meanings behind them.

10. Make a cup of tea

The humblest of mindful activities but nonetheless a good one. Take a few minutes to truly engage in the process; listen to the water boiling, the hot water pouring into the cup and the gradual brewing of the tea. Even offer to make one for a loved one or co-worker as a simple act of kindness.

11. Organise your space

Have a clear out and tidy up. Following Marie Kondo’s advice, pick something up and ask yourself ‘does it spark joy?’. Make a pile of stuff to give away, donate or sell and a pile to tidy away. Marie Kondo’s organisational techniques will honestly change your life. Who knew folding clothes could be so therapeutic?

12. Explore places you want to travel

Write down your dream destinations and make a list of places you plan to visit. Read a travel guide if you need inspiration. By doing this, you can help to manifest these opportunities into your life.

13. Make a scrapbook or photo collage

If you’re like me and cannot throw away sentimental things, this is a great way to put use to your collection of tickets or spare photographs.

14. Listen to a podcast

As a child, I loved listening to story tapes (how retro). Although, technology has evolved and we now have podcasts.

I tend to listen to ‘Spiritual Queen’s Badass Podcast’ on Spotify, if I’m on the go or even at the gym. From unusual historical facts to the law of attraction, you can definitely find your perfect podcast.

15. Give your plants some love

Be a plant-parent and bring some green into your space. Plants are vital part of our furniture and a fantastic source of oxygen, energy and positivity in the home. Get growing!

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on Pexels.com

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