Switching off from social media

On average, we spend 2 hours+ on social media per day but if you're like me, it's probably more. What's the harm in that? Social media can be great to keep us connected with the world. I personally like to use it for spiritual, food or tattoo inspiration. However, too much social media can detach … Continue reading Switching off from social media


What I would like to see in the future

As a design editor for the University of Nottingham's IMPACT magazine, I was asked to write a collaborative piece on what I would like to see in the future. As soon as I opened the blank word document, I felt the words just flowed easily. I clearly needed to express my thoughts on the topic! … Continue reading What I would like to see in the future

Do we need a new concept of teaching? (UoN Philosophy Lecture)

After sitting in a philosophy lecture today, I realised that philosophy makes you question EVERYTHING. Including teaching. Image source We discussed Andy Fisher and Jonathan Tallant’s alternative view of teaching. It was so interesting I decided to write a blog about it! What is teaching? 1. Learning Teaching is when someone learns, right? Not necessarily! Picture this: Freddie … Continue reading Do we need a new concept of teaching? (UoN Philosophy Lecture)

Creative therapy – Pretty Pots, Staffordshire

Creativity has always been a stress outlet for me. Getting "in the zone" stills my mind. Whilst I'm painting, drawing, playing music or colouring I'm not thinking of ANYTHING ELSE. Art is an underrated form of therapy. People are too busy to sit down and paint a pretty picture. Yet, we can spend hours scrolling … Continue reading Creative therapy – Pretty Pots, Staffordshire

Ditch the drugs for Reiki!

You might be thinking what on earth is reiki? If you've not heard of reiki before, it's a type of healing therapy for physical and psychological problems. Reiki was acknowledged in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui. A reiki practitioner will use light touch to change and balance the energy fields in and around your body. … Continue reading Ditch the drugs for Reiki!